The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards UK Legislation

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards


The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards also known as MEES, has now released a date when this will become effective. From April 2018 this UK Legislation will be effective to all private rented sectors homes, it will include having a minimum rating of E on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) otherwise renting them out will be prohibited.

Even though this rule will only apply to new tenancies and renewals, it is hoped by April 2020 it will also be extended to existing tenancies.

After the effect in April 2018 if the Letting Agencies or Landlord do not have an EPC rating E or above they face being fined up to £4,000.

By this UK Legislation being put into place it is said that more homes will become more energy efficient and most importantly warmer.

Pennine Ways Lettings Ltd recommend that all current & new landlords check their Energy Performance Certificate to see if this affects them in any way.

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