As some of you may already know, Val Robson who has headed up our Haltwhistle Office since we first opened is retiring after 7 years service with Pennine Ways.

Val said, “I have really enjoyed working here and the best thing about it has been starting a new business and making it a success”.

We are sorry to see Val go, but happy for her at the same time, as this means Val can now spend more time with her terrific husband Les and her much loved Bobby.

Jeremy said, “7 years ago when I decided to open the office at Haltwhistle and after I had done some research, I became quite concerned when I discovered that only two houses had sold in the whole area over the past year.  I was not sure how we would be able to break even on such a low turnover, and the asking prices from various estate agents were all over the place.  Nothing was selling.”

“What has made a difference is building a team who believe in Haltwhistle and know the town and now once again we have an active market.”

Val has worked really hard building the business up and now after 7 years there is a thriving business here with a team that has grown from just 1 to 3, whilst the Alston office which was opened 15 years ago continues to mature and now has a team of 5. 

Being an estate agent is definitely not a behind-the-desk type-of-job.  Val has gone further than most to get the best photograph for her clients, often climbing up gates and balancing on top of fences.  Only last week, (there being no staircase) Val went to the extreme by climbing a rickety ladder in a semi-derelict house to photograph the first floor.  She suddenly realised she could not climb back down.  How she got down we don’t know, but thankfully we did not have to call out the fire brigade.

All the best Val, from Jeremy and the Pennine Ways team